14 Golf Destinations Outside of Manila

14 Golf Destinations Outside of Manila

Are you looking for a perfect destination spot where you can do tons of activities aside from golfing? Then, let us try these golf destinations I listed for you. Discover each place’s historical background, famous attractions, extreme activities, and delectable dishes. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Bacolod City

Bacolod's Masskara Festival

Buglas was the origin name of Bacolod City, the City of Smiles. However its colonizers-Spaniards named it as Negros. It was then called Negros when one of the Spaniards discovered the Negrito tribe, a dark-skinned group who became the first settlers of the city. As of today, Bacolod City is among the largest islands in the Philippines.

If you are looking for other things to do when you’re not golfing, I would recommend you to see the Masskara Festival, where street dancing, pageants, sports events, concerts, bazaars, and food fairs were held every October.

Moreover, you may go for a swim or hike at Mambukal Resort or appreciate historical attractions like Capitol Grounds and Lagoon, where the Kilometer Zero Marker is located; at Pope John Paul II Tower, where Pope John Paul II held a mass in 1981; and at Silay City, where the heritage of Visayas is displayed.

Golf Courses around Bacolod are: Bacolod Golf & Country Club, Negros Occidental Golf & Country Club, Victorias Golf & Country Club

Baguio City

Baguio's Burnham Park

Baguio City has experienced a series of historical events from the occupants of Ibaloi and Kankaney tribes to the colonization of Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese. Spaniards were the first to colonize and to introduce Arabic coffee in the city. Until today, the city is known for its organic coffee with Arabic varieties, Benguet Coffee.

Another one of the city’s colonizers, the Americans named Baguio as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because they believed that it is the perfect spot from Manila’s hot weather.

Baguio’s humid temperature is perfect in visiting historical landmarks like Camp John Hay where golfing and zip lining can be played; The Mansion, where it is the president’s official summer residence; Burnham Park, where man-made lakes can be seen; Mines View Park, where Benguet’s gold and copper mine industry can be viewed; and Baguio Botanical Garden where series of historical statues and varieties of flowers can be found.

Golf courses in Baguio are: Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay Golf Club, Inc.

Batangas City

Batangas' Anilao

The friendliest city in it’s region, Batangas was established in 1951. It was known before as batang, the term used by natives to call the logs found in Calumpang River.

The city is famous to own the smallest volcano in the country, Taal Volcano. This sight-seeing attraction definitely provides picturesque views to tourists. Alongside the volcano is another tourist spot called Taal Lake.

Another recognized masterpiece that you might want to visit is Anilao, which is located in Mabini. It is the perfect scuba diving destination in town since Batangas is known as the country’s best diving spot.

Golf courses around the Batangas area are: Calatagan Golf Club, Canyon Woods Residential Resort, Club Punta Fuego, Fernando Airbase Golf Club, Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club, San Pascual Golf Club, Summit Point Golf and Country Club, and Taclobo Golf Club.

Boracay Island

Boracay's White Beach

The world’s overall best island in 2012, by Travel and Leisure magazine is Boracay.  Boracay Island came from the word “borac” and “bocay”, which respectively means bubbles and white. The former word can also mean cotton from the island’s sand.

The famous White Beach of the island has the finest white sand, which is a part of the reason why Boracay is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.

Aside from swimming in the island’s finest beach, you can try Boracay’s extreme activities such as diving, banana boat riding, parasailing, kayaking, buggy cars, horseback riding, and Segway.

The only Golf course in Boracay right now is: Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro, which is also known as CDO is the city of Golden Friendship because of its friendly and welcoming citizens. Its name came from the two letter word, “ag”, which meant flowing water. The challenging rapids of Cagayan de Oro River provides unforgettable water rafting and kayaking escapades.

Aside from that, CDO is mostly visited by field researchers because of the ancient artifacts it possessed over decades ago. One of CDO’s historic places is Huluga. It’s the researcher’s favorite exploration spot because of the Chinese pots, Thai wares, and skeletons that can be found inside Huluga’s cave.

Also, CDO has the largest culinary show in the country, KUMIBRA that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are ever in town.

Golf courses around Cagayan De Oro are: Camp Evangelista Golf Club, Del Monte Golf Club, and Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club

Cebu City

Cebu's Sinulog

Known as the Queen City of the South. Cebu has certainly many things to offer especially when it comes to its history. During the Spaniard’s stay in the city, they turned it into a fishing village. It was when Cebu was known before as Sebu.

Magellan’s Cross and Lapu-lapu’s shrine are the city’s most famous historical attractions.

If you’re golfing in Cebu at the right time, you can watch the Sinulog Festival, a cultural and religious fiesta of the city. Its citizens get dressed to parade their colorful costumes annually while they danced along the streets of town. It is the most recognized activity in Cebu and another reason for you to revisit the city.

Golf courses around Cebu: Alta Vista Golf and Country Club, Bravo Golf Course, Cebu Country Club, Cebu International Golf and Resort, Club Filipino Inc. de Cebu, Mactan Island Golf Club, Mercedes Plantation Golf and Country Club, Queen’s Island Golf and Resort, and Verdemer Golf Club

Clark, Pampanga

Clark Pampanga's Hot Air Balloon

An interesting fact about Clark, Pampanga is that it was once a significant U.S. Airbase in the country. Clark was named after the U.S. Army Harold Clark. Since the Americans mostly colonized the city, it was expected that Clark’s culture and lifestyle had such an American influence.

Aside from having numerous golf courses, Clark is known to be as the home of a lot of fine international cuisines. Around city’s vicinity, you can taste delectable varieties of cuisines such as Mexican food at Zapatas, Amercian food at Subdellclous and Japanese food at Hana-mi.

Another great time to visit Clark is during the hot air balloon festival where you will definitely enjoy the colorful and different shapes and sizes of the huge balloons.

Golf courses around Clark Pampanga: Airforce City Golf Club, Angeles Sports and Country Club, Bayanihan Golf Club, Beverly Place Golf Club, Clark Sun Valley Golf and Country Club, Fontana Leisure Park and Casino, Marina Hills Golf and Country Club, Mimosa Golf and Country Club., and Royal Garden Golf and Country Club.

Davao City

Davao's Malagos Garden Resort

Davao City is well-known to be the safest place in the country and recognized as the state with some of the richest culture. It was way back in 1528 when the city had the most number of tribe visitors, coming mostly from the group of Mandayas, Bagbos, and Manobos. Even today, you can see the emphasis of its heritage and culture from a lot of its establishments and buildings.

In relation to that, you can experience the city’s ethnic and cultural dances at Tribu K Mindanawan. Then, you can educate yourself about the Philippine myths at the Gap Orchard Resort.

Furthermore, you can explore more of Davao’s natural attractions by looking at varieties of orchids at Malagos Garden Resort.

Golf courses around Davao: Apo Golf and Country Club, Davao City Golf Club, Ranchos Palos Verdes Golf and Residential States, and South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estate

Iloilo City

Iloilo's church

Escaping from reality and wandering around the Heart of the Philippines—Iloilo City is always a good choice. Before it was known as Iloilo, irong-irong was the city’s origin name. It was the name derived ever since the city became a Spaniard’s settlement area in the 1560s.

Since then the Spanish had a great influence on the Filipino culture. They were the ones to influence the Roman Catholic religion to Filipinos and as a result, you can see a lot of the history and influence in several of their landmark buildings.

If you ever have the time, check out the well known churches such as Iglesia de San Jose de Placer also known as Church of San Jose and Nuestra Senora del Rosario also known as Our Lady of the Holy Rosary that were built in this town.

After you visit these historical attractions, you can check out some of the city’s perfect food strips that are sure to impress, since Iloilo is known to be the “King of Fresh Seafood” and the “Home of Batchoy”. Some of the places that are recommended are Breakthrough and Ted’s, Deco’s, or Netong’s Batchoy respectively.

The only Golf course located in Iloilo is: Iloilo Golf and Country Club


Laguna's Pagsanjan Falls

From the Spanish name lago meaning lake, the city known as Laguna is rich in natural attractions like lakes and falls, which makes it an ideal location for golf courses.

If you were to visit Laguna aside from its golf, you will want to check out the Pagsanjan Falls, the most recognized natural attraction in province.

Also, another thing worth checking out is the Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country known today. Named by the Spaniards, its scenic view will make you fall in love with the city and will make you want to just relax and stay.

Laguna is also a great get-away place for families because of its famous theme park, Enchanted Kingdom; known hot spring resort, Splash Island; and famous homecoming gifts, kesong puti and buko pie.

Golf courses around Laguna: Ayala Greenfield Golf and Leisure Club, Caliraya Springs Golf and Marina Leisure Community, Canlubang Golf and Country Club, Canlubang Sugar Estate Athletic Association, K C Filipinas Golf Club, Sta. Elena Golf Club, and The Country Club



Leyte has a colorful historical background including the rebellion site of the Spaniards and the landing site of Americans in World War II. As studied in your Philippine History, the blood compact between Magellan and Rajah Kolambu was also held in this city.

Some tourist spots in Leyte are as old as the city’s creation. Some of these are San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the country and General Douglas MacArthur Landing Memorial, a statue depicting MacArthur’s return. Both landmarks are two of the most visited attraction sites in Leyte.

If you are ever planning a golf trip to Leyte, a perfect time would be during the city’s annual festivals like Sangyaw Pasasalamat Parade and Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals.

Golf courses around Leyte: Leyte Golf and Country Club and San Juanico Golf and Country Club

Subic Bay

Subic'sOcean Adventure

During the colonization period, Subic was coined before as Hubek. Since it was commonly mispronounced into Subig and Subiq, the last letter of the latter word was replaced with a letter c which was later on called as Subic.

Subic Bay is a great place to take your family while you’re golfing because of its many theme parks in the area. One of my favorites is Ocean Adventure, the only marine park in the country. There’s also Zoobic, one of the top zoo’s that you will find in the area.

If you were to explore the waters of the bay, you can go yachting, kayaking, Jet Ski, surfing, or scuba diving. But if you were to appreciate the exquisite view of the bay, you can go trekking on the mountains of Zambales or horseback riding at El Kabayo Stables.

Golf course around Subic: Subic Bay Golf and Country Club

Tagaytay City

Tagaytay' Taal Volcano

“Taga Itay”, a phrase cried by a child, who was chased by a bear, to his father. When the incident spread in the city, it became the town’s issue. Later on, it was called Tagaytay, which is known today as the city’s name.

Ever since, Tagaytay is known to be one of the country’s most visited destination for the locals.Its chilly weather is what makes it such a popular tourist spot.

When you get there, surely you won’t want to miss the scenic view of the city’s smallest volcano, Taal volcano. Plus, you may want to explore some of the other attractions like Sky Ranch and People’s Park in the Sky where you can appreciate the marvelous view of the city.

Golf course around Tagaytay: Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club, K C Hillcrest Hotel and Golf Club, Splendido Golf Club, Royale Tagaytay Country Club


Tarlac's Death March Monument

Together with other golf destinations, Tarlac is another city with significant historical background. Little of you may know that Tarlac is included in one of the rays of the Philippine flag. It is mainly because it was among the provinces that united with K.K.K revolution, lead by one of the country’s heroes, Apolinario Mabini.

If you happen to travel around the city of Tarlac, you may find its famous Capas Death March Monument, known for the participation of Filipino and American soldiers during the time of Death March.

You can also see the inside of Ninoy Aquino Ancestral House for an overview of the national icon’s life. Other sites that you may want to wander around are Monasteryo de Tarlac, Tarlac Recreation Park, and Friar’s Hermitage.

After seeing those attractions, you may want to dine in at D&C Cuisines, known for the best Tapsilogan in town. You may also want to try Tarlac’s well-known delicacy and famous homecoming gift called as tupig.

Golf course around Tarlac: Camp Aquino Golf Club and Luisita Golf and Country Club