Bacolod Golf Packages

Golf in the Metro Manila area is a unique and historical experience. To truly get a taste of the local history of this great city, we offer to you an opportunity to golf where the locals golf.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the the world's most populated city sits over over 10 golf courses nestled within it. Since land is extremely valuable here in the city, it is important to understand what kind of golf you will encounter by staying within Metro Manila for your next round of golf in the Philippines.

More than 70% of all golf courses within this great city are open to the public. The reason for this is to allow for expansion and opportunity of this great game to be accessible to anyone. It doesn't mean that the course are affordable for everyone, but it does mean that you will truly be able to get a taste of life here. During your round you may experience the chorus of honking vehicles, the sounds of Jeepneys and buses stopping quickly to pick up passengers or even vendors negotiating with potential buyers on the outskirts of the course.

Golf is about the total package. Experience it like you never have before.

Bacolod Golf Packages (Offer Valid Until: 10/31/17)

  • 3 Days / 2 Nights - As Low as $379 per person

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