Benefits of Having a Golf Rep

Benefits of Having a Golf Rep

“Why do I need a Golf Rep? I have golfed in many different countries without one and I think I will be just fine.”

“It’s just me! Having a driver and a rep seems a little redundant isn’t it?”

These are 2 common phrase that we hear whenever we send a full package quote to our golfers, so we figured we should share a brief explanation of why we include this service with the majority of our golf packages.

Let me start by sharing 2 stories.

In July 2011, we had 2 guests visiting a course in Tagaytay. They chose to book through us for our playing access to the private clubs closest to the city. Our package included the hotel, transfers to/from the course, non member playing access, green fees and cart. There are other golf fees, but those need to be paid in cash upon arrival. We prepaid for the green fees and access fees via bank deposit to the requested account, sent in the proof of deposit slip, and it was acknowledged by a course rep. This we did 2 weeks in advance to make sure everything went smoothly.

Our golfers arrived that fateful day and tried to check in with the booking confirmation given to them by the course via email and name of the representative. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and the person who confirmed receipt of the payment never updated the books. It was her day off. They couldn’t reach her.

We spend over 2 hours on the phone with the course and our golfers who were allowed to tee off. To keep a long story short, it was a bad experience for everyone.

Fast forward to September 2011. Our guests arrived to the course, one that we had worked with regularly with prepayments. Unfortunately on that said day, one of the course workers treated our golfer poorly. For whatever reason, it was a bad experience.

GolfPackages Philippines is here to insure that your trip is successful. That you don’t encounter any glitches. That the driver doesn’t get lost and that you are treated like any other shareholder member at the courses when you check in. It has always been our goal to make sure your stress is only reserved for your game of golf.

Our reps are bilingual (English and Tagalog) and can help you communicate with your drivers or anyone else you may encounter at the club. Your positive experience brings us the greatest joy. Please allow us to serve you today. Fill out a form for a quote or email us at